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Scott Hagarty
Trumpet Performer and Educator

Del Mar College Trumpet Studio

The Del Mar College Trumpet Studio is a thriving community of trumpet enthusiasts where students can learn and grow as musicians and trumpet players.  The low tuition, wonderful facilities, access to equipment and hands-on approach to learning make Del Mar College a wonderful place to begin your musical journey. Prospective students wishing to study trumpet with Dr. Hagarty should apply to Del Mar College and then schedule a scholarship audition .

Trumpet students in the music department have an opportunity to perform in the Wind Ensemble, MWF Jazz Band, Trumpet Ensemble, Corpus Christi Chamber Orchestra and the Mariachi Ensemble. The Del Mar College Trumpet Ensemble was recently invited to perform in San Antonio for the International Trumpet Guild Conference, and this ensemble frequently performs at area high schools in and around Corpus Christi. Music majors will get one lesson per week with Dr. Hagarty, and will also participate in the trumpet studio class every other week. Every trumpet major is required to perform once per semester during the Friday afternoon Solo Class. Occasionally guest artists will visit Corpus Christi to perform and/or present clinics or masterclasses at Del Mar College. Past trumpet guests have included Marie Speziale, Frank Campos, James Thompson, Lauren Eberhart, Kevin Cobb, Louis Hanzlik, and John Carroll among others.

Trumpet students who have studied with Dr. Hagarty have won auditions with the Texas Community College Band Director's Association 2-Year All-State Band and Jazz Band, which takes place in San Antonio during TMEA. Many have transferred to four-year institutions like Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Texas State and others. Some have already gone on to become band directors, sound technicians or gigging musicians in the local Corpus Christi music scene.

Teaching Philosophy

Any student has the potential to learn a musical instrument, given the right attitude, work ethic and approach to diligent practice. It doesn’t matter what a student’s background is, anyone can learn to play the trumpet and become a musician if they want to. I believe musical growth and progress is directly related to the time and effort a student puts into daily practice. Practice should be deliberate and goal oriented, with sound production and musicianship at the forefront. If trumpet players can learn to play with a full, warm and rich tone, the rest will follow. I prescribe to philosophies like those of Arnold Jacobs and Bill Adam when it comes to learning a brass instrument: if you have a good concept of sound and the music in your mind, and you breathe as efficiently as possible, the rest will fall into place. It’s all about song and wind.

As a trumpet teacher it’s my job to inspire and motivate students to want to practice. Each student that walks through my door is unique and has their own separate needs and musical goals. I strive to be adaptable and versatile with my teaching techniques so that I can motivate and inspire each student in their own way. Some students are motivated by competition, while others are motivated by their own internal drive to improve. Some are motivated by external rewards, while others need a chart and assignment sheet to stay on task. I enjoy building relationships with people and figuring out what makes them tick. While I do have a standard curriculum that I use, not every student works on the exact same elements of that curriculum in the same way. Weekly lesson assignments are tailored to the needs and goals of each student.

I take a calm approach to teaching to foster a positive learning environment where there is mutual respect between my students and myself. That’s not to say that I don’t have high expectations. While I never yell at my students, I am unrelenting in my demand for excellence, and I give clear and honest feedback, so they will know if they are meeting my expectations or not. I use our trumpet studio class to develop a sense of community and fun that goes along with music making, and my door is always open if a student needs extra help.  Any student can learn if they want to, and I believe deliberate practice is the secret to success in music. If I am inspiring and motivating my students to practice, while holding them accountable to the highest standards, then I am confident that they will make progress and achieve their musical goals.

Del Mar College Trumpet Studio

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